We help you to
go where others

Through our business model and our network we can make available your product to all Chinese consumers. Our corporate structure, special trading licenses and powerful partnerships provide our clients with exclusive opportunities that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

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Food Distribution

Food Distribution

We specialize in high quality packaged foods and FMCG

Our established trade network and business reputation makes us a leader in international packaged food distribution. Daxeme Trade has the exclusive ability to provide our clients access to the Chinese market.

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Commodities Trading

Commodities Trading

We specialize in the trade of chemicals and commodities.

As a leader in commodity trading, Daxeme Trade prides itself on our ability to supply, accurately forecast future market conditions and advise our clients regarding their commodity trading needs.

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China Sourcing

China Sourcing

We provide a wide range of products manufactured in China.

Access to many Chinese products including electronics, consumer goods and custom-made products. We help our clients to obtain the goods that they desire at the prices that fit their budget.

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What we do

Daxeme Trade offers a direct access to the Chinese market.
With our strong presence in Europe and Asia, we are well positioned to give you an international reach as well as provide the local support that you need.


Special partnerships exist in Italy due to the wealth of promising resources and high-quality products.


Daxeme maintains a strong presence in all of Europe through our talented business representatives.


Exclusive distribution network and suppliers base located throughout China.This provides access to avenues of trade and distribution that very few organizations can offer.

Our Strategy


Exclusive access to leading local Chinese dealers within the trade market.


Effective growth strategies in every aspect of our distribution network, making your products available in emerging markets.


Operations management and positioning to improve numbers.


Excellent product quality is declared from the beginning.

marketing approach

Multi-channel distribution, product management and strategic thinking at every turn.

Expand Your Reach with Daxeme Trade

Daxeme Trade helps your organization reach higher, farther and smarter in a highly competitive market. We offer you an advantage throughout European and Chinese trading markets by providing you with the knowledge and service that other distribution companies simply cannot provide.


Daxeme Trade can improve your company’s bottom line by offering high-quality services such as:

  • Exclusive access to the Chinese market
  • Market development and assistance
  • Large scale distribution of FMCG
  • Consulting for operations and marketing strategies
  • Commodities trading and supply chain management
  • Complete access to Chinese-sourced products


We live in a global community. Importing and exporting are an important part of that community. All successful markets have established trade relationships with other countries and consumers the world over. With Daxeme Trade, you can share your products with customers around the globe.


Daxeme Trade has years of experience in market development and the expansion of trade. Partner with us and take advantage of our knowledge. With Daxeme, you can position your company as a leader in the world of packaged food and commodities trading.


We have a proven track record of success in the world of foreign trade. Our clients enjoy a high return on investment and increased profits when they use our services to extend the reach of their company.